A few things about The RELLIM Collection…

Jill G. Miller, Owner

Over the years, as a passionate art lover and an enthusiastic, yet amateur art collector, I recognized that a market for those who appreciate art but aren’t interested in investing a large portion of their budget to obtain it was virtually non-existent. The RELLIM Collection, a personal art consultancy supported by a brick and mortar gallery, was conceived to fill this void by providing a unique opportunity to procure personally curated art that is both tasteful and affordable.

My interest in the affordable art market was fueled by a fruitless attempt to help my adult daughter find art for her first apartment. We became increasingly frustrated by two unsatisfactory choices – mass produced print art found in big box stores or cost-prohibitive original gallery art.

Because I am deeply passionate about the transformative power of art, the experience inspired me to explore the market chasm between low quality poster prints and Picasso. I found that due in large part to the wide reach of the internet, the downturn in the luxury item market, and the increasing number of millennials entering the workforce, there is a rapidly growing movement to expand and demystify the art market. The result is a plethora of remarkable original art and premium giclee prints available at remarkably low prices!

Notwithstanding the abundance of quality, affordable art available in the market, many of today’s buyers will still face a twofold problem – a lack of knowledge concerning where to find the art and the actual time it takes to acquire that knowledge. Vetting the numerous online art sites, speaking with owners and artists, purchasing samples of art so that you can actually touch and feel what you are ordering, and visiting art shows and galleries can feel like a fulltime job. Determining which sellers offer high end products at low prices, which artists create quality pieces, which companies charge fair prices and have acceptable return policies, which designs will not blur when printed, which styles will not be lost when altering size and shape, which companies will or won’t ship to your home, and which websites accurately depict their product can be time consuming, painstaking work. Factor in time spent filtering through that art to find something you love, and your search for something affordable may inadvertently result in a costly loss of your valuable time and energy.

I founded The RELLIM Collection to do the hard work for you, and searching for quality affordable art IS MY fulltime job. I have researched the buyers, the processes, the frames and artists. Currently, The RELLIM Collection inventory consists of over 200 pieces, and most of these paintings and prints are either full size or extra-large, fully framed and ready to hang. Almost all of these pieces are priced under $2,000, and the majority of art in inventory at this time is priced under $1,500. Still, many more works are available for under a $1,000. If just the right piece of art is not currently in my inventory, I will find it and procure it for you. Moreover, if the art you have in mind currently exists only in your mind, I will commission a talented artist who will turn your vision into a reality at an affordable price.

My passion is art, and I am excited to share that passion with you. Indeed, it is my mission to help you find art that you love at an affordable price. It is my guarantee that any art work recommended for your personal space will be a piece that I would be proud to hang in my own space. While tastes vary, in The RELLIM Collection quality is nonnegotiable.


Grayson Weidel

Grayson received his BFA from MICA and still practices art with a focus primarily in oil paints. Before joining the RELLIM Collection, Grayson has worked and volunteered in the arts community around the Baltimore City area and continues to do so. Grayson’s passion for art has led him to the RELLIM Collection where he can thrive in a creative and artistic setting.


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